Writing: How To Be a Writer During the Holidays

If you are anything like me, you may be a writer but you are also a wife, a mom, and any number of other things – choir member, PTG president, etc.  So I don’t need to tell you just how busy this time of year is.  How do you manage to find time to write?

Scale Back. Yesterday I read “3 Magical Ways to Keep Writing through the Holidays” by Julie Duffy.  One of the things that she suggests is scaling things back during this busy time.  You want to spend time with your family and friends but if you are in the middle of something big you may not want to quit writing altogether.  You want to keep your story voice and your characters active in your imagination.  So don’t try to write 1000 words.  Write 500 or 250.  Just keep things moving.

Write Small.  If you tend to write long, you might also try writing short.  Draft a handfulf of new poems.  Try a micro-essay.  Write up a couple of crafts.  Working on something bite-sized is still writing and by the time the New Year rolls around you may have something to submit.

Jot Things Down.  Maybe you are inspired by a conversation with your Aunt Mertyl or the story told by your mother-in-law sparked an idea.  Tale a few notes.  Write the first paragraph.  Jot down what you need to jot down to capture that moment.  You can take setting notes.  Write down the sensory perceptions that came to you while making fudge or bakign a special Christmas cookie.

Journal.  It is easy to see how jotting things down can easily become journaling.  Write your impressions of the holidays.  If you’ve been working on dialogue in your stories, jot down a few lines of dialogue each day.  Or note setting details.  Or how someone reveals their emotions in how they move.

We’ve all heard the advice – write every day.  I would amend that to “be a writer every day.”  During the holidays, that may mean collecting the information that you can use in your writing throughout the coming year.


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