Writer’s Work Spaces

The writers that I know work in a variety of places.  My friend Kris loves to write in coffee shops.  I’ve tried it.  Apparently, I’m a hobbit.  Everytime someone with food walks past me, I look up.  “Mmm.  That looks yummy.”

Another friend told me that she checks out a study room at the local library.  She likes it because she can’t be distracted by household things or pets.  Apparently, her dog is a bit of a clepto when ignored.  For me, this works to a point but the study rooms have a glass wall.  I would still be able to see people walk past and I would look up because they might have food.

Seriously, I am really easily distracted.

I have an office here at home.  My desk faces a wall.  My friend Ann can’t write with a wall or window only two feet away.  She needs to be a in much larger space.  She prefers the dining room. That’s funny to me because sometimes I work in the dining room.  The table is big enough for me to really spread out when I’m doing hard copy edits.

My only problem with my office is that if my husband is working out I can hear his music.  Really well.  Even with headphones on.  My son points out that I need much better head phones.

The best thing about my work space?  My muse.  That’s her above.  Her name is Gypsy.

I also have a walking desk.  I’m not terribly good at walking and writing.  Let’s just say that I’m not that coordinated.  But I do like to walk and read.  And watch webinars.

Recently Robert Lee Brewer, Writer’s Digest editor, posted photos of his work space.  In part, he did this because the magazine is asking writers to submit photos of their work space.  If you follow the guidelines, your space may appear in the the magazine. Deadline for entries is December 31, 2019.  You can find the full guidelines here.

Where do you work?


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