National Book Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s National Book Award winners.  They are:

For Young People’s Literature:

For Fiction:



Translated Literature:

I’ve been busily requesting titles from my library but I have to admit that I’m most curious about 1919.  In part, that is to be expected.  It is a book for young people.  I write books for young people

But look at the full title.  1919: The Year That Changed America. 

Really?  1919?  Nothing to do with the Civil War which was fought on US soil.   Not a date that is important by railway standards.

Is it just that this date is 100 years ago? Here is what the publisher has to say in the description:

“Some of the most important issues of our time were no less important 100 years ago. America in 1919, at the close of World War I, was shaken from the events of large-scale warfare, fearing a Communist takeover, and facing an incredible amount of social and political change. From Prohibition to women’s suffrage, the labor strikes to the violence of the Red Summer and the Red Scare, this book explores each major movement of 1919. Showing how these events were interrelated and examining their continued relevance to our country a century later, Martin Sandler offers a unique historical perspective on the trajectory of the major movements of the 20th century. Showing readers how every current event has unique and fascinating history preceding it, this book will help them better understand the world they live in and the change many still seek today, offering educators a framework for discussing historical perspective and progress”-

I’m really looking forward to reading this one and seeing how author Martin Sandler makes his case.


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