Author Copies: Stem Cells

Look what showed up in the mail on Wednesday!

As much as I love writing science topics for young readers, it is tricky. First, I have to find accurate source material. With this book, this was trickier than it should have been.  I’d type “stem cell therapy” into Google and get information on various types of gene therapy.  The information itself may have been accurate but it wasn’t the right type of therapy.

Then I had to figure out how to explain the science without simplifying it to the point that what I wrote was inaccurate. Fortunately, I have a friend who is a nurse.  He answered a lot of questions and proofed various passages for me, sometimes from the hospital!  I definitely owe a special note of thanks to Chris!

But it is worth it when you manage to put together a book that can help young readers understand a complex topic.  At this point, I’ve written about stem cells, physics, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, evolution and rocket science.

I wonder what I’ll get to write about next?



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