Retreats, Residencies and Colonies

Interior at one of the Dairy Hollow bldgs.

Yesterday I saw a headline that Stephen King’s home in Maine is going to be an archive and writer’s retreat. It is going to be some time yet before it is ready for eager writers but a friend and I were just talking about applying to a retreat together.

Some retreats are free — funded by scholarships and various other funds.  Some require a payment.

Right now, my friend Ann who writes the most amazing essays and is working on a memoir, is at the Writer’s Colony and Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  She said that it is $85.00 night and that includes your own room and writing room as well as meals.  One of the rooms includes a rather elaborate kitchen for those working on a cook book.  How cool is that?

I remember scoffing at the need for this kind of thing at one point in my life but now I get it.  How crazy is this?  When my kid was in grade school, I felt like I had the time I needed. Now that he is in college, I need to go somewhere else to write.  Don’t get me wrong.  I write at home but there’s something about going on a retreat that reminds me that this is serious and I need to get to it.  I don’t entirely get it but I’ve come to accept it.

If you need to get away so that you can write, check out the Writer’s Colony in Dairy Hollow.  I haven’t stayed there but my friend Ann says it is top notch.  You can also Google “writers retreat,” “writers colony,” or “writers residency.”  Some like Dairy Hollow are for writers only.  Others, including Ragdale, are multidisciplinary and include all types of artists.

Do you have a group of writing friends who would like to book an event together? Google retreat centers and make your own retreat.  Retreat centers, in my experience are more likely to provide meals.

And, in case you are wondering, yes, there is a plot afoot.


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