Inspiration: Seeking Story Ideas and Energy

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church

For almost two weeks, one of my writing friends who lives in New Hampshire is staying at the Writer’s Colony in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Friday, I turned in my latest teen nonfiction manuscript and my husband and I hit the road.  I knew I was just happy, Happy, HAPPY to be away from my desk because the time on the highway, five hours no less, passed in a flash.

After two or three wrong turns, we met up with Ann and then walked a mile to the historic district.  After dinner, we strolled back to her house-for-the week.  Walk through a Victorian-era town after dark in the autumn

Some places just beg to become settings and Eureka Springs is one of those places.  As you can probably tell by the name, it is the home of a number of springs that are believed to have healing properties including at least one miraculous recovery.

Dormitory, hospital, now Crescent Hotel

There was a girl’s dormitory.  I’m not sure if that had something to do with one of several hospitals or a school.  There was a Carnegie Library that is still in operation.   At least one of the medical institutions was a full blown snake oil and cruelty situation which rather begs for a book.  There’s also a Frank Lloyd Wright house there.

Flatiron building

If I managed to learn this much in just over 24 hours, I can’t even imagine how much is lurking, waiting for discovery.  We will definitely have to make a trip back there although we will NOT go during October-fest, the War-Eagle craft fair which has over 100 vendors, etc.

Are you feeling tapped out and unable to come up with new story ideas?  Then you may need to take a break.  I know a trip isn’t always possible but what about a stay-cation?  I’m an hour away from a zoo, science museum, botanical garden and miles and miles of trails, several historic cemeteries and more.  I can think of several places I’ve yet to explore.

Why someplace new?  Favorite places are good, but sometimes you need new experiences to really fuel your creative fire.


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