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October 14, 2019

Book Sightings

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Last Friday morning, I was puttering along on Facebook.  I hadn’t even made coffee yet when I came across a friend’s post.  “When your kid brings this book into your perfectly happy dog-free home and you have to read an entire chapter that very persuasively debunks your #1 allergy argument, suddenly censorship of books doesn’t seem all that unreasonable.”  Oh, yeah.  I remember those arguments.  No, you can’t have a snake/snapping turtle/goat/savanna cat, etc.

Then I scrolled down to the photo.  That cover looks familiar.

Wait a minute, my friend was joking about MY book.  So I responded.  “Hmm. Of all my books, I never thought this was the one parents would try to censor. 😁”

We’ve had a good laugh about this and she said that I could share her daughter’s photo.  But seriously, if you want to make an author’s day, post a photo of your child with their book.  Or your class with their book.  Or maybe even your cat with their book.

Okay, the cat is mine.

The next time you or your child enjoy a book, share a photo.  There is a good chance that you will make someone’s day especially if you make a cheeky comment.

That said, I feel like I should said my friend Julie a fruit basket or something.  She has requested that I write a book about pet rocks.  I’m thinking about something on the importance of zoo adoptions.  Or wildlife sponsorships.  Sorry, Julie!


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