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October 11, 2019

Setting the Scene in Your Home Office

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The other day I read a post by Debbie Ridpath-Ohi, Want to Do Your Drawing or Writing in a Medieval Tavern...  This was the first that I had ever heard of of ASMR or Animated Scenes for Meditation or Relaxation.

As Ohi explains, she has a basement office and she likes to shake things up a bit.  With a quick visit to Youtube, she can have a fireplace flickering away on her screen which she especially enjoys doing in winter.

Hmm.  Sometimes I need just a bit of noise to function much like a white noise machine.  So I clicked over to the Youtube Channel that Ohi recommends, ASMR Rooms.  Take a quick look around and you’ll discover that the animator has a thing for Harry Potter.  Of course, Harry Potter is a natural choice for this kind of thing.  The focus is on one scene, something not quite static. There might be snow or rain falling and a fireplace or candles flickering.  Footsteps.  Voices.  Pages turning.  The emphasis is on subtle sounds.  I can definitely see having somethink like this going in the background while I work.  Given that the videos tend to be about an hour long, you’d have plenty of work time.

In addition to Harry Potter there is Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.  Yeah.  That one gave me pause. How many places in Westeros would I really want to be?  Why not toss in the Walking Dead?  Oh, right.  Not relaxing.

I think my favorite is “Summer Night Study Ambiance, My Neighbor Totoro Inspired, Night Fieldsin Rural Japan.”  The sounds include crickets and other insect and/or frogs and the breeze.

Check out the page and see if something strikes your fancy.  Maybe even Westeros.


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