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October 3, 2019

Cover Reveals: JFK plus Tupac & Biggie

Love, love, love finding my book covers online. If nothing else, it means I can now tell people about the books. These are my two latest.

When they sent me the list of “American Crime Stories” titles, I immediately requested The Assassination of John F. Kennedy.  I’d grown up with this story.  My father worked at Channel 11 in Lubbock, Texas and was at work when JFK was shot.  My mom told me about getting a phone call from Dad telling her to turn on the TV and he had no clue when he’d get off work.  He was there for the duration. I grew up hearing about the assassination and Oswald. This wasn’t an opportunity I was going to pass up.

The day I was assigned the Kennedy book, I told my son I had the assignment. He asked me what other topics were on the list.  “Why didn’t you ask for Tupac and Biggie, too?  Can you still claim that one?” He did a hard sell on how culturally relevant this book would be to younger readers who liked rap and thus had more interest in rap icons than in dead presidents.

“Dead presidents?”

“Old white guys, Mom.  You know what I mean.”

He did eventually admit that he also thought the JFK book was cool too but that he thought I needed to do both.  “You’ve done a whole group of books that deal with race.  You need another one.”

That was an argument that actually made more sense to me.  Shore up an existing specialty with another title.

I’m not going to say that either was easy to research. There are a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding each topic.  Making a collection of each actually got pretty interesting.  Between the two books I have to say that my favorite conspiracy involved little green men.


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