Reading Like a Writer: What I’m Reading Right Now

Recently a friend asked about my current reading.  I rattled off the titles of these five books.  She looked perplexed.  “Don’t most people read one book at a time?”

I generally read two or three books at a time so five is a bit much even for me.

A Better Man by Louise Penny is my current audio book.  I do a lot of handwork and this is when I listen to a variety of novels.

The Who is part of a work related project and then I got sucked into it and had to read the whole massive book.

The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted is my current book club book (Hi, Ladies!).

Conflict Resolutions for Holy Beings is poetry.  I do NOT just sit and read poetry.  I read one or two poems and then put the book down.  It takes me a while to mentally and emotionally process poetry so this book is hanging out on the coffee table for me to pick up when I walk past.

My Lobotomy is a memoir that was recommended by a friend.  At the time, I didn’t have a Kindle read going on and I only read Kindle while on the treadmill.

So five books is a little more than usual but the part that is really shocking?  No books for young readers.  Not one.  Usually my current reading is more young people’s books than grown up books. Yes, grown up books.  Adult brings a different connotation so I use the goofy term grown up.

But there is also a lot of history in The Who and Joy Harjo writes about social justice.  In my opinion, medical history especially horrible medical history is also a social justice issue which means that My Lobotomy, Conflict Resolution and The Who will likely end up feeding my reading in some way.

What are you reading?