Goals: Making Them Real

About a week ago, I read a blog post by one of my writing pals, “Write Your Dreams into Existence.”  In her post, Renee talks about how to make your goals more real by journaling as if you’ve achieved them.  These are present realities, not pie-in-the-sky dreams for tomorrow.

I have to admit that the idea didn’t immediately grab me.  It felt just a little too woo-woo.  But it didn’t let go either.  At odd times throughout the week, I’d catch myself thinking about it.  What are my big goals?

Part of what makes this technique a little tricky is that you note not one goal or even three goals but TEN goals.  What are your ten goals?

That takes a bit more thought that is immediately obvious.  For one thing, you are supposed to be specific.  So I am a succcess just doesn’t cut it.  You want to be a success as . . . a parent?  A poet?  A novelist?  Once you’ve answered this question, it is time to get even more specific.

What does it mean to be a success as a novelist?  You want to have a trilogy?  Ten novels?  Something in hardback?  Something that has been translated?

Once you have all ten goals, you note which one you will first achieve.  And then you list them, day after day, in your journal.  It may seem woo-woo but I’m starting to understand the appeal.  You write it in present tense as if it has happened.

I am represented by an agent.   

Do this each and every day and these goals are going to be everpresent.  As you make choices about your writing – what will I work on, where will I submit, what topics/markets will I select – you will balance them according to whether they move you toward these goals or not.

On the one hand it seems a bit mercenary.  On the other, we all spend a lot of time doing things that don’t feed into our goals.  Why not focus instead on what is important to us?

As I see it, either we will begin to make progress or we will realize that although we say we want something it really isn’t all that important to us.  Care to join me and see what happens?