Inktober: Why This Writer Is Gearing Up for an Illustration Challenge

I would love to say that I have a good answer to that question.  Drawing fascinates me although I’m not expecially good at it.  But I’m also someone who holds fast to the idea that you need to do creative things that are hard.

Why?  Because as a creative professional it is easy for me to fall into the idea that everything that I write is for sale.  Don’t have a contract?  There is no obvious market?  Than move on to something else.

But I don’t illustrate and Inktober helps me remember that sometimes creation is just fun.

The rules for Inktober are simple.  Draw every day.  Draw in ink.  Post what you’ve drawn on social media with #Inktober.

Believe it or not, I’ve already brought pens for this challenge.  Yeah.  Cause I needed them.  They are brush pens which may not be perfect for this challenge but they are something I’ve been wanting to play with.  Besides, I’m more comfortable lettering than drawing.

Jake Parker already has the prompt list for 2019 out.  He does this because many of the people who participate are illustrators and it shows.  The artwork you see throughout this month is astonishing.

If you are a writer, I’d like to encourage you to take part.  Do a simple sketch.  Create word art.  Use what you’ve created as the inspiration for a story.

Last October I had a lot of fun and it was really inspirational.  I loved seeing all of the amazing art work that the professionals do.  And it was a lot of fun playing along even if I’m in the shallow end of that particular pool.

Check out the video below for a bit of an explanation.  Skim the list above.  I may have to break out my brush pens early.