Fueling Your Writing

On most Labor Day weekends, we head out of town.  We go down to Wayne County in southern Missouri.  Unfortunately, this year the boy had to work on Saturday and Sunday.

I’m going to be getting some work done.  After all, I have a book deadline coming up and I’m helping write the questions for a trivia challenge.  I got a set and a half done today and got the material together that I need for another set.  It involves recording sound files and I need to figure out how to edit them.  Fingers crossed!

But I’m also taking some time out tomorrow to visit a local bee keeper.  My husband got in touch with him since he is a former class mate.  I’m buying bees wax to make candles and will also be asking him some questions about bee keeping.  No, this isn’t something I feel inclined to do.  I don’t think we have enough space here but I’m curious.  I’ve been reading about it in a lot of stories lately.  If bee keeping appears in one of my own stories,  want to feel Guy out as a source.

That’s two new things this weekend alone.  The last few months I’ve also been learning how to weave.

How often do you seek out new activities or knowledge? I think we need these things to stimulate or writing. Otherwise we find ourselves creating the same stories set in the same places by the very same people again and again.  Zzzzzzzzz.  Ooops. Sorry.  I dozed off there.

This is part of the reason that I seek out new types of writing to try, take online classes and attend webinars.  What suggestions do you have for new things to learn, do or study?