A Writer’s Office: My Work Space

Recently someone asked writers on Twitter to share their office spaces.  Where do we work?  My space is hard to photograph because it is, according to real estate agents, a bedroom, approximately ten feet by eleven feet.  I have a desk that wraps around three walls of the room.  One leg is mine.  The other is my husbands.  The base of the U is where the printers sit.

I’ve been trying to clean it up a bit but I have an office mate.  My must is twenty which isn’t much in people years but is a bit ancient in cat years.  She sleeps here on my desk.  She also tends to stretch out and poke me with a claw every now and again.  I’m not sure if she’s telling me to write faster or quit clattering these keys.

This is one of two bookcases.  I can’t show the other because like the desk it wraps around the room and is near impossible to photograph.  This is only the bottom half of this particular case.  It is cherry salvaged by my grandfather. It was the floor of a cabin.  As you can see, one shelf is dedicated to library books.  The bottom shelf holds my author copies.

My husband and I love the Marvel movies so here and there are Marvel knick-knacks like the dancing Baby Groot sitting next to the okapi on the left end of the top shelf.  We are also animal loves so there is a bat I made hanging from this same shelf (right end).

As so often happens with writers and other book lovers, we are running low on shelf space.  So I’m going to go through the difficult job of culling my shelves.  Don’t feel too sorry for me. I probably have almost 60 feet of shelves in this room. If I can clear the equivalent of 8 feet, I’ll be in really good shape.

I know writers who work in coffee shops.  That doesn’t work for me because I distract too easily.  But when I get stuck on a project, I work with paper and pen in the dining room.  The change of location and technique works well.  This is also where I do the final rewrite, also on hard copy.

Where do you write?