Creating a Flowchart: Zen Flowchart

Monday when I wrote about receiving my author’s copies, I mentioned having to create a flowchart.  I used Illustrator which I realize not everyone has.  I got it as part of a package so it wasn’t cost prohibitive.

Fortunately, there is also a free online program called Zen Flowchart.  With it, I made the chart above in just under five minutes which included more or less figuring out the program.  My initial effort included a node with a black outline and white interior.  I fiddled with color options and discovered that blue made things more distinct. The only thing that bothered me was not being able to write “yes” or “no” on the actual arrow.

Certainly that is possible, I thought.  So I went back to the introduction and this time scrolled down a bit farther.  Oh, look!  A how-to article.  The how-to showed how to create arrows with and without text which meant that my mock flowchart now looked like this. See below.

I still think Illustrator is more versatile but that may only be because I’m not very familiar with Zen Flowchart.  Fiddling around with it, I figure out how to split an arrow so that the node on the left can lead to two right hand nodes.  Confusing?  See below.

I also figured out how to take the reader back to an earlier node with a longer arrow.  See below.


I suspect that this program will enable you to do most of what you need to do.  That said, you are going to have to look at their examples and devote some time to playing around with the program.  You would have to do the same thing with Illustrator and Zen Flowchart is free.  So unless you are going to get into some serious illustrating, I would pop on over and register to use Zen Flowchart.  I think you’ll be happy with the results you achieve.


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