Author Copies

It is like Christmas in August right now.  My son and I were making lunch when the doorbell rang.  I was expecting an order from Hanes and hurried to the door but instead of a mailer found a box.  A box with an Abdo sticker.  Author copies!   Woo hoo!

When I write a book, sometimes I get to suggest illustrations.  That was the case with Ancient Maya.  Then they had to see which photos they could get permission to use.

For Earning, Saving, and Investing, my husband and I created a number of bar graphs and a flow chart.  Yes, I had to pull in help because he is a pro with Excel while I only use it to log my income and expenses.  “You can use it to generate graphs,” says he.  What?  Really?

The flow chart demonstrates how to decide what investment is best to make under certain circumstances.  I tried to write it up without creating the chart but that quickly proved impossible.  So I opened Illustrator and got to work.

Although nothing we created was used as we submitted it, that’s fine by me.  Sometimes a graphic is the easiest way to communicate information whether your reader is in middle school or your editor.  At moments where this is the case, I find it easiest to create the graphic.

Now back to work.  I’ve got another book in the works for Abdo and this topic takes me back to high school.


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