Research On-Line: Help Make It Possible

One of the great things about writing in the digital age is the vast amount of research information we can find online.  One of the best sources of information is the Library of Congress through which you can access a variety of photographs, posters, post cards, letters, diaries and more.  The library is constantly adding to the information that is available.  Recently documents on the women’s suffrage movement were added.

These additions are made possible, in part, by interested people who transcribe, tag and proof a range of materials.  The program is currently being beta tested and is called By the People. I haven’t had time to take part in this program yet but it is on my to-do list.  In fact, I may do that instead of taking another online course.

Several campaigns are ongoing and volunteers get to choose on which one they work.  Current possibilities include:

  • Suffrage: Women Fight for the Vote.
  • Civil War
  • Susan B. Anthony Papers
  • Mary Church Terrell: Advocate for African Americans and Women
  • Walt Whitman at 200
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton Papers
  • Carrie Chapman Catt Papers
  • Anna E. Dickinson Papers
  • Civil War Soldiers: “Disabled but not disheartened”
  • Clara Barton: “Angel of the Battlefield”
  • Letters to Lincoln

One campaign, Branch Rickey: Changing the Game, has already been completed.

Working with historic documents has always been a source of inspiration and ideas so this project really appeals to me.  Which campaign would I choose?  That’s a good question.  Each has an appeal to me for different reasons.  I loved reading about Clara Barton when I was in grade school, but I’ve done some reading on Anna E. Dickinson too.  I guess I beter make up my mind!

To find out more about the By the People project, click through here.  Think about all of the amazing stories you can help unlock.