Book Reviews and Recommendations

A novel I recommend.

I am a ridiculously avid reader.  What do I mean by ridiculously avid?  At any time I am reading:

  • One magazine that stays in the car.
  • One magazine that stays in the bedroom.
  • A book that is on my nightstand.
  • An audiobook for when I am crafting or washing dishes.
  • An ebook (Kindle/treadmill or RB Digital/rowing) for exercise.

You might think that reading this many things would slow me down considerably.  Granted, I also count the picture books I read, but I finished book #90 yesterday.  I don’t bother to keep track of the magazines.

Perhaps because I am such an avid reader, I want other people to love reading too.  This means that when I post about a book on Twitter or Bookshelf, my book review blog, I am recommending the books.  I don’t post about a book just so that I can complain about the ending or the research.  And if there have been highly critical reviews, I don’t agree with them.

So what do I post?

Obviously, what I post on Twitter is going to be short, sweet and to the point.  “I just read XYZ, a great picture book for . . . this novel is a great choice for writers who are studying plot or pacing.”

A picture book I recommend.

When I review a book, I start with a summary of the book.  In fiction, this includes the main character and the story problem.  In nonfiction, this includes the topic and breadth of treatment. Then I go on to discuss who would like the book.  Is it a good book for reading aloud?  A great choice for reluctant readers?  Is it a mystery that fantasy fans would enjoy?  Then I include this information.

If people online have been critical about the book, I might address it.  Maybe.

I have to admit that I don’t tend to read critical reviews.  Often the people who complain about a book and give it only one star don’t seem to have been clear on what the book was about in the first place.  Simply reading the jacket copy would have made it clear that this book would touch on evolution, politics or some other equally terrifying topic.  Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if these same people freaked out each and every morning when the toast pops up out the toaster.  After all, who could have possibly seen that coming?!

Do I love every book I read?  Um, no.  But I am not going to pan a book in public.  There is only so much time in the day.  I’d rather recommend a book I loved.


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