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June 10, 2019

What Kids Want

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Yesterday we were at a high school graduation party for a family friend.  Mike is outgoing in the extreme.  His brother Ben is the opposite. I didn’t actually see him until almost everyone had left and most of us who remained were sitting in the backyard.  He came out into the kitchen to forage.  Then he sat in the adjoining family room reading.  His book?  A Joseph Conrad collection.  And this wasn’t a book he had borrowed from a nearby bookshelf.  This one came to the party with him.

So who is the typical teen?  Does one of them have to be typical?  In all truth, I don’t think that they are.

But I think they also serve to remind us that we need to be really careful when we talk about what teen boys are like.  Or teen girls.

When he was a teenager, Tupac Shakur studied ballet and Shakespeare.  Yes, I’m talking about the rapper.  But doesn’t that make him more three-dimensional?

One of the boys my son swam with also played hockey.  But then, so did his four sisters.   He also worked for a landscaping company and catered.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I think that the young people who make up our audience are often more varied than we realize.  Among my son’s friends are boys who cook, skate, and are serving in the military. There are also girl soldiers, girls who hunt and dress out their own game, and animate.

Are our characters just as varied?  Sometimes I’m not sure we manage to pull it off.  Or, when we do, we think of these characters as quirky and out of the ordinary.

I’m sure there are probably kids out there who are “typical” but those are not the kids who cross my threshold.  Of course, that may say just as much about me as it does about what is typical.

Just a little something I’ve been noodling over.


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