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June 5, 2019

YouTube: The Quest to Make a Video

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Making a video for Youtube.  How complicated could it be?  Oh, it is to laugh.

We just got a new movie camera.  Yes, we can record short videos on our digital camera but we wanted to be able to record 15 minutes plus.  Not that I am in any danger of needing 10 minutes let alone 15, but we wanted a camera that would give us options.  Everyone in the house wants it for a different reason but my husband did the research and picked out a really good camera.

As is so often the case, I am the last one to get my hands on the technology.  First I couldn’t get it to record.  I found the twenty year old and made him come help.  “You just push this button, Mom.  Wait.  Why isn’t it coming on?  Will you step back so it isn’t caught in your whatever.”  Self check out at the library sometimes gets strange if I stand too close.  and apparently the camera works on the same frequency.  Whatever.  It finally decided that it would record for me.

Then I accidentally turned on the light.  And how do you play the recording back? Once I figured that out I realized that somehow I hadn’t recorded any sound.  The microphone has a seperate on switch.  I’m sure in someone’s world that makes sense but really?

Once again, I hit record.  Sadly it was trash day and the windows were open.  Then the senior cat noticed I wasn’t in my office.  She had to search for me, calling throughout the house.  Mwow!

Just as I finished a hopefully passable recording, my son stepped into the room.  “Remember, your first couple of videos will be really bad.  You sound ridiculous.”

The glare must have been warning enough but he still started laughing.  “Mom, we all sound ridiculous when we start.  You’ll get better.”

Editing is an important step but that meant I had to look at myself on camera.  First, my computer tried to reformat the memory card.  Once I won that argument, I hit play.  Here are the things that I learned.

  • Make sure the top of your head is in the shot.
  • Do not chew gum even if your mouth keeps going dry.
  • I can say UM 592 times throughout a 10 word sentence.
  • I want to find a way to insert slides so that I am not holding the book up in front of my face.
  • I was going to say that I don’t want to look at notes because then you have an amazing video of me looking down.  But maybe that’s when I should insert those slides.

Except for the very top of my head not being in the video, this really wasn’t too bad.  That said, I will record one more time before I edit the video.  I want to try a different background which may simply mean cleaning off my dining room table.



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