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June 3, 2019

Cover Reveal

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I’ve been wondering what the cover for Earning, Saving and Investing would look like so I was pretty excited when I found it on Amazon.  This book is coming out this fall from Abdo Publishing.

So not what I was expecting in terms of the cover.  What was I expecting?  Pfft.  I don’t know.  Let’s just say that I’m really glad that designing the cover is not my job.  Me?  I just do the writing.

And that in itself was a challenge for this book.  There are chapters on ways that young readers can earn money, steps they should take to save it, and also information on investing.  I was good to go for the first two topics but the third?  Let’s just say that I learned a lot.  I knew the broad strokes but not the finer details.

This book was different from the others I’ve written for Abdo in that each chapter ended with something that would actively engage the reader.  It might be a worksheet, a quiz or a flow chart activity.   I tried to just write these sections but discovered that I had to design them as well.  No, that doesn’t mean they didn’t bring in their own designers to actually make things look good. But it does mean that layout and titles in the appropriate places were essential to make things understandable to my editor first, then the designer and last of all the reader.

Trying to find charts and diagrams that the designer could reference was all but impossible.  I could find the raw data but not a graphic of the same.  Fortunately my husband teaches Excel classes – Excel the amazing program that can crunch numbers and generate charts.

This book was definitely a challenge.  But then so is earning, saving and investing.


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