Reading Writers

How many books do you read at the same time?  I used to be the kind of person who read one book, start to finish, before starting another.  Now, I generally have two books going at once – a print book and an audio book.  That said there are exceptions to the rule.

  • If I realize I need to get something read for book club.  Then I put aside the non book club book to finish the one I will need to be able to discuss.
  • If I have a stack of picture books or graphic novels to read.  Sometimes I will put aside the novel I am reading for a day and focus on these much shorter books.
  • If I am researching something.  Then I will read my research materials during the day and my “fun” book before bed.

How can I read several books at a time?  It helps when they are different types of books but I have found that often my print book and audio book overlap in some way.

I have to admit that when someone claims to be a writer but they are someone who doesn’t read, I am suspicious.  In my opinion, and this is not a humble opinion, you cannot write without being a reader.  In spite of this, I encounter “writers” who simply do not have time to read.  Others tell me that they won’t read because they do not like anything that is being published.

Reading is 100% essential so that you learn the parameters of your genre or type of book. It is also one of the best ways to study good writing craft.  What better way to know what works for the reader than to be a reader yourself?

Step 1.  Read.

Step 2.  Write and read.

Step 3. Rewrite and read.

Because reading is essential all along the writing journey.




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