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May 20, 2019

Social Media: Pick and Choose

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An editor or agent is interested in your book. They ask what you would be willing to do to promote it.  You point out that you blog and that you have a LinkedIn account.  When the next question comes, you cringe.  What about Facebook and Twitter?  Instagram or Snapchat?

My advice to you?  You probably can’t take full advantage of every type of social media.  After all, you only have 24 hours in any given day and seven days a week.  You simply won’t have the time to do everything.  You will have to pick and choose.

You may not want to hear this but promoting your own work is essential.  To do this effectively in this day and age when young readers, parents, teachers and librarians all use social media, you too will have to have a presence somewhere.

Look at what types of social media you already use.  Take some time to study how other authors use these platforms.  Do you see something that would work for you or your book?

Promoting your work on social media will take time.  And I don’t just mean the hours that you will need to post on Facebook or tweet.  No matter what type of social media you choose it will take time to build up a following.  Because of this, it will take time to effectively spread the word about your own work.

That is part of the reason that it is important that you NOT volunteer to use Twitter if you hate Twitter.  Not only will you have to use it every day, you will have to use it for weeks and months to build an effective following.  Do you really want to put that much time and energy into something you hate when you could actually use other social media that you enjoy?

Don’t say no but do take the time to wisely pick and choose what you might do to promote your work.  It will take time and you might as well enjoy it!



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