5 Minutes a Day: Resurrecting Your Writing Life

Five minutes a day. Although it may not be the ideal amount of writing time, it is all you need to squeeze in an effort to write.

I proved this to myself the last few weeks with my brother-in-law in one hospital and my father in another across town.  Then there are the fruit trees we bought before all of this started.  Getting them in the ground at the community garden was a must. And I had bought herbs for my own garden.

Some people can simply not write for months at a time.  Busy planning a wedding.  Getting ready to move.  New baby.  And those are all good reasons not to write.

But for me it isn’t really an option.  But how do you write when your life is full to the brim.  You do it in five minutes a day.

And the first step is believing that it is possible both to find five minutes and to doing anything worthwhile in five minutes.

Most of us can find five minutes if we give ourselves permission.  Five minutes in the driveway before you enter the house after work.  Five minutes after breakfast.  While one of my writing friends is waiting for her kids, she sits in the car and writes on her phone.  I keep a small notebook in my purse.

But can five minutes a day add up and become anything worthwhile?  I did it for a month and drafted 5400 words on a middle grade novel.  Not tens of thousands of words but a lot more than I would have done otherwise. So what could you do with 5400 words in one month?

Tune in on Fridays for more “Five Minute a Day” posts.




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