Nancy Drew – Again

Just caught the trailer for the latest Nancy Drew remake on Youtube.  Gotta love people who didn’t grow up on Nancy Drew.  Okay, I mean men.  “What do you mean the latest movie?  I didn’t know they made one.”

Yeah.  So if half the population can’t remember that it has been made into a movie once, why bother to do it again?  This is scientific but I do have a few ideas.

Nancy Drew, girl detective, has huge appeal.  She’s smart.  She doesn’t give up.  And she has a group of friends who are willing to work with her to solve crimes.

Boomers (as in baby boomers) are a huge market.  They read Nancy Drew because their moms read Nancy Drew.  They can share this Nancy with their (gasp) grandaughters.

But she’s been rebooted!  Updated!  Isn’t that sacrilidge?  She’s already been updated several times.  I have to tell you that I would love to read the originals.  I’m trying to remember if she wore a shift or a frock vs a dress and she drove a roadster.  A Roadster!   How cool is that?

I discovered this when I was at Half Price Books with a friend who is 18 years older than I am.  We were in the collectibles section and I saw a Nancy Drew that looked different from the others.  It didn’t sport the classic yellow spine.  I pulled it out to give it a once over and my friend was positively twitching.  “So do you want this?” I asked.

She positively pounced.  Then she started excitedly telling me about the book.  I might have held onto it if I had only known.  But, truly, I’m glad she has it.

Nancy, after all, is a commodity that has aged well with a little special treatment.