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April 2, 2019

Writer Beware

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If you are looking into publication or searching for an agent, you should know about Writer Beware.  In 1998, Writer Beware was founded by Ann Crispin (A.C. Crispin) and Victoria Straus.

Interestingly enough, Straus says that she was never scammed but she is aware of just how lucky this makes her.  She came into writing about the time that several big scams, vanity publishers, were being exposed.  Because of this, the subject has always interested her.

Writer Beware has several parts.  They include:

  • Writer Beware, the website. The site includes warnings about “schemes, scams, and pitfalls” including agents, vanity publishers, vanity anthologies, small presses, contests, and more.  In addition to specific warnings there are also links to numerous sites so you can educate yourself.
  • Writer Beware, the blog. In addition to the most current posts and warnings there is also information on industry news that is just wacky and strange.
  • Writer Beware, the Facebook page. Anything and everything that is writing related and Victoria finds interesting ends up here.

It is impossible to stay current on all of the news.  That is what it is important to know about these kinds of sources of information.  They do the work for you and you get to share the benefits.

Take a look around.  This is the sort or resource that can save you some serious heartache.


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