Surprise! When Life Interrupts Your Writing Schedule

Today, I am at the county court house waiting to see if I will have jury duty.  Show up by 8:30.  Plan to be here all day Monday and Tuesday.  And if you’re assigned to a trial, we will tell you then how long it will take.

So what do you do when the world gets in the way of your writing?  Sure, they encourage you to bring your work but I’m 100% certain they don’t have desk space for 300+ people.  I say 300+ because I am #300.  In fact, from the last time they commandeered my life, I seem to recall row upon row of chairs and a few tables.  There was also a lovely balcony full of smokers.

I don’t feel comfortable bringing my laptop so I’m going to stick with the low tech.  So far I’ve packed Ghost Hunters by Deborah Blum, Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody, and a notebook.  I was going to take Blum’s The Poison Squad but my husband thinks that will give them the wrong impression.  Honestly, I think it would give them a very accurate impression but that’s another story.  Should I worry about people being concerned or getting the wrong impression when they check out what I’m reading?

I can’t take my knitting or crochet because although Homeland Security has cleared both knitting and crochet for air travel the court house has not.  My husband has also recommended that I not take my beautiful Stanley coffee cup lest it “worry them” and they take it away.  Honestly, if I’m this worrisome, I’m not sure why they are making me come in.

Maybe I should bring The Poison Group, my metal coffee cup and wear my son’s DeadPool t-shirt.  It really says all the stranger needs to know.  I love science.  I adore coffee.  And my attitude is just fine so what’s your problem?  But until they figure it out, I will have something to read and something to write on.