Inspiration to Write

Its always interesting to hear from other writers which childhood books/authors inspired them to write themselves.  I had many authors I loved and many books.  Meg Mysteries.  Marguerite Henry.  The first Box Car Children book.  The Little House books.  Marguerite de Angeli’s Jared’s Island.  A book of children’s poetry that included “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod.”

But I’m highly visual and I have to wonder if my first steps into this world were based on my love of National Geographic.  My Uncle John and Aunt Mary ordered  National Geographic for my parents for Christmas every single year.  And each month I skulked around the mail box, looking for the magazine to come.

To bad for everyone else if I got to it first.  I’d have it for days.

I love the brightly colored photos of far off places.  I wanted to see all of the animals and the science and the history.  Space, ocean and jungle. It was all mine.

Of course, I also knew that I better get through it before my mom got ahold of it.  Because if there was one “nude,” I would lose access.  My father was much less concerned about this.  He was a school teacher and considered National Geographic educational.

But it wasn’t only National Geographic.  All of my parents plant guides, coffee table books and even cook books. Books about West Texas history.  Books about the buffalo soldiers and old forts.  If there were photos or drawings, I would claim these books as well.

Reading was important and I was an avid reader.  But I was probably drawn into this world first by the brightly colored images in National Geographic.  


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