Writing on Retreat


Write, write, write.

Just how much would you get done if you had unlimited time to write.  I pretty well found out this weekend.  I was at Toddhall Retreat Center (see photos) for an unstructured writing retreat.  I am going to be so productive!


Before leaving town I finished a very rough draft of my latest Abdo book.  Once I got to Toddhall, time to decompress.  I listened to two hours of my audio book and several WriteOnCon podcasts and videos while knitting.


I rewrote and cleaned up a synopsis and a query letter for Puke-ology.  I also reworked my proposal for a series.  All are ready to edit on paper.  Woo-hoo!

Still not sure how to proceed on the mystery, I decided to put that off until Sunday.


I finally sat down and made myself write 800 words on the mystery.  It was not pretty.  But I wrote a bit more.

This weekend really proved to me that I am not entirely a pantser.  If I don’t know where I am going, progress comes to a halt.  If I know or even if I have a vague clue, like with the nonfiction, I make good progress.

Will I do this again?  Not right away.  But I might try one of the study room at the library, somewhere close to home where I can write and not be distracted by the 7000 other things that need doing.