Writing Retreat: Adios and I Will See You on Monday

I am off to a writing retreat.  Bye-bye!

This isn’t a big event with speakers and workshops.  This is a group of 16 writers going out-of-town to write.  And eat.  The map also shows a labyrinth so I’m really hoping things clear up a bit.

I remember the olden days when I would say – I work at home.  I don’t need to go out-of-town to write.

I remember it and I wonder what happened?  My schedule Wednesday included:

9-10 yoga

11:30 pick up kid from school

1:30 out-of-town friend drops by for tea

3:30 meet another friend to walk

7:00 dinner

I did manage to draft a chapter but way too many of my days look like this in spite of the fact that I have a book deadline approaching. So I’m trying something new.  Thus the retreat.

See you on Monday and until then – happy writing!