Loving What You Do: Feeding the Creativity

Creative endeavors like writing take a lot of energy.  Buckets full of energy. To renew my energy, I do other creative things that aren’t writing.

Sometimes I cook.  And when I say cook, I mean bake.  Somehow, as much as I love a good salad, it just doesn’t rev me up to make one.  When I want to renew my creativity, I make bread, biscuits and crisps (as in apple crisp).  The bread is yeast bread so I get to spend some time kneading and shaping the loaves.  Sometimes I make main dish items. I’m hoping to work in a lasagna some time in the next few weeks.

I also like to knit and crochet. Watching a ball of yarn turn into something else is just a marvelous, magical feeling. There’s also something about doing this type of hand work that is soothing especially when I’m into a repetitive pattern. This is the beginning of an infinity scarf. I’m maybe 20% of the way around. I won’t be done any time soon because this stitch is super slow but that’s part of what gives it such loft.  That seems to be a knitting term for light and airy.  I also love watching the color change in the yarn.

Last but not least, I’ll lose myself in redoing something around the house.  House jobs tend to be a bit less creative and take more energy, but it’s really recharges me to somehow improve my living space.  Sometimes I clean something out and re-organize to make an area more livable. Other times I paint.  Some painting jobs are an instant success – the dining room was one of those.  Others take a while to grow on me.  That was the case with this green back door.  The swatch looked less intense.

What things do you do when you need to recharge?  I hope you have something because it is so much easier to love what I do when I have the energy required to do it well.