World Read Aloud Day: Making My Own Short Video

Wednesday my son helped me make my video for World Read Aloud Day. You can see it above.  For a first video, it isn’t bad.

These are the things I did right.

Background. I picked a quiet place in the house.  I thought the window shade would make an okay background.  I don’t want people looking at my fridge or the laundry I need to fold.

Script. I didn’t write a formal script but I knew where I would start reading (the beginning of the book) and where I would stop (second page).  And I practiced which is important with formal taxonomic names for the various animals.

Camera.  We used a descent camera.  This is actually my son’s phone. I’m not sure why he decided it would be “best ” but it does have a really good camera.

This doesn’t mean that everything was perfect.  There are things I would do differently next time.

Closeup.  I think the camera angle is too wide.  A narrower angle would have used the shade as the background or the light blue dining room wall.  I’ll push for this next time.

Script. There will be an actual script so that the videographer knows when I’m done.

Cue!  He wants a silent way to signal me so that everyone doesn’t hear him at the very beginning saying “go.”

Video description.  I need to remember to tell people that they can click the link in the video description to go to the publisher’s page an order it.

Wrap up.  I want to come up with some clever little line to end with. Something that will encourage reading.

All in all, I think I did a pretty good job for a first effort.  I have a Youtube channel so I had to get that all prettied up. The photo now matches my author photo.  The background is the cover of my book.  And the description tells what kinds of videos I make.

What videos to make next?  My goal is to work up to one a week. If there is something book related you would like to see, let me know in the comments.