World Read Aloud Day

For 2019, World Read Aloud Day is February 1. That’s one week from today.  Whether you are an author, a teacher or just someone who loves books, reading matters.  LitWorld sponsors this global event and gathered statistics on why reading matters.

  • Statistics gathered in 2016 show that 758 million adults – two thirds of them women – lack basic reading and writing skills.
  • The poorly-literate are less likely to participate in democratic processes. Because of this, they have fewer chances to  exercise their civil rights.
  • Illiterate people earn 30-42% less than the literate.

So what can book lovers do to celebrate literature?

  • Take your children to a reading event at the local library.
  • If there isn’t an event scheduled, find a comfy spot in the children’s section and sit down to share a book aloud.  No, you can’t be too loud but that’s okay.
  • Read at a Scout or Youth meeting.
  • If your child is in school, ask if you can come share a short story with the children.
  • Take photos or videos of your children or yourself reading. Share the images on social media with the tag #WorldReadAloudDay.  Don’t want pictures of your children on social media?  Take photos that show the book covers instead of their faces.

LitWorld has a host of ideas including a list of books around certain themes. Check out all they have to offer here and make plans to read aloud next Friday.  Hopefully, with a little help, I’ll have a video to share.


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