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January 17, 2019

Finding Your Niche: Or Why I’m Not Talking to My Socks

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Finding your niche as a writer.  That’s one of the big steps in writing success.  When talking to non-writers, you may be a “freelance writer,” broad stroke.  But when you are talking to an agent or editor?  You should be a nonfiction educational writer, a children’s nonfiction writer, or something else fairly specific.

Recently I did an exercise to see what my niche should be.  Yeah, I pretty much already know what my niche is but these things can give you a nudge in a new direction or, in this case, a giggle.

The focus on this was in making big money fast.  What’s big?  Finance.  Tech.  The medicine of aging.  CBD.  Minimalization.

Sometimes the key is in knowing what isn’t right for you.  I have to laugh when I see all the minimalization articles, blogs and programs.  This niche is simply not one I can exploit and it isn’t just because my house is cluttered.

Some time ago, a friend gave me one of the books all about minimalization.  Hint:  Never ever give me something like this on a retreat.  Because when the author says “talk to your drawer of crowded socks and ask how they feel” everyone in the whole lodge will hear my laughing.  No seriously.  When I really cut loose, my laugh is not quiet.  And, incidentally?  My socks were worried for my mental health.

Now if this system works for you and this is a good niche for you – yay!  My point is that for me it is a bust.  I’m a nonfiction author.  With a warped sense of humor.  All “talk to your socks” encourages me to do is create rude sock puppets.

Still this does tell us about my ideal niche.  I’m not touchy feely.  I deal well with teenagers.  And I’m snarky. Finding your niche will increase your chance of making a sale and a big part of this is often finding what is not your niche.


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