Care and Keeping of a Writer

I had a great Christmas and I hope that all of you did too.  As always my husband and friends were spot on when it comes to the care and keeping of a writer.

First things first, I got books.  If you are a writer, you also need to be a reader.  This doesn’t mean you have to read books.  You can read articles.  You can read blog posts.  You should read what you intend to write but you should also read other types of literature as well.  You never know where you will find that critical bit of knowledge or inspiration.

The Poison Squad is by Deborah Blum.  She also wrote The Poisoner’s Handbook.  Her books are a spot on combination of science and suspense.  Love her work.

The funniest part is The Art of Comic Book Writing.  It has great info about writing graphic novels.  I bought it for my niece.  My husband bought it for me.

In addition to books, writers need to stay healthy.  Hence to new yoga bolster.  I want to expand my yoga practice.  Yoga helps my sciatica which can be a real problem for those of us who sit at a computer.  In addition to my twice weekly class, I want to practice at home.  That means that I would like to have a class mat and bolster (in the car) and a home mat and bolster (in my living room).  I’m half way there.

I’m not sure why but most of the writer’s I know have causes we are passionate about.  A friend gave me a necklace and bracelet from Made for Freedom, a group that fights human trafficking.  I will wear these with pride.   My husband also got me a utensil set (fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, straw, toothbrush and cleaning brush) made out of bamboo.  With two sets my family will be able to avoid plastics when we travel.  So happy to have these because they will easily fit into my purse or the glove compartment.

Last but not least, writers also need to have fun.  My niece’s husband understands this and provided a carnivorous and an herbivorous tacosaurus.

Books. Health. Something meaningful.  Fun.  A balance is required to be a happy, healthy writer. What changes do you need to make to achieve balance in the new year?


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