Social Media: Making Better Use of My Time

I’m sure this is no news to you if you spend any time on social media. It can be a real-time suck.  I’ve decided that in 2019 social media will have to take up less of my time.  This will mean becoming more efficient or getting rid of some things.

Numerous people have recommended Hootsuite to me.  There is a free version and a paid version. The free version allows you to queue up to 30 things at a time to go up three different places.  I thought I would give it a try.

I chose my Facebook, my church’s Facebook page and Twitter. I spent an hour trying to queue up a post for my Facebook timeline.  Finally I accidentally moused over a slightly different part of the screen and up popped a notice.  Facebook no longer allows third party posts (Hootsuite) to personal Facebook Timelines.  Seriously?  There are about 12 carefully timed posts that I put up a week.  Hootsuite would have been a huge help.

But as I was reading up on this, I also discovered that I don’t need to use Hootsuite to schedule things on certain types of Facebook accounts.  Both my author page and my church’s page, for which I am an administrator, will allow me to write posts and schedule when they will post.  It doesn’t have to be right now.  I can plan posts for a week or a month or . . . who knows? I haven’t explored the limits yet.

In 2019, one day a week will be social media day.  I will write and schedule posts for my author page (scheduled on Facebook), my church’s page (scheduled on Facebook), my blog (scheduled here on WordPress), the PrayPower blog (also wordpress), my book reviews (still more wordpress), and Twitter (Hootsuite).  I’ll be reading and like things throughout the week, but this will hopefully make my own social media writing more efficient. That’s the plan anyway.

Will it work?  We’ll see in 2019!


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