Recharge and Renew: Pajama Day

Last week, I rewrote a 15,000 word piece of teen nonfiction.  This week, I turned in a chapter and outline for my next project.  If you only count books under contract, this will be number 7 for the year.  If you count un-contracted projects, add two more to the tally.  And I wrote 2000 words on my mystery.

So what am I doing tomorrow?  I’m recharging.

Officially, I call these days Pajama Days.  Why?  Mostly because my introvert friends know what I mean.  “You’re spending the day at home in your pajamas?  Awesome!”

The best Pajama Days occur when I’m home alone. I love my boys but if you are an introvert you get it.  I don’t want to talk to anyone.  I don’t want to negotiate.  I just want to be.  Blessedly, this is turkey season.  For 36 hours, I will do what I want, when I want.  Among the possibilities are:

Crochet.  I have a school of goldfish and colony of bats in progress.  I will be working on them while I listen to an audio book and watch movies.

Audio books.  I’m listening to Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi.  I started three other audio books before this one and quit each after one disk.  This one, in contrast, is amazing.  Which I hadn’t wasted time on the others.

Reading.  I’m almost done with Louisa Morgan’s A Secret History of WitchesI’m not sure how this happens but often the book I am reading is similar to the book I am listening to.  In this case, both involve magic.

Movies.  I have Pixar’s Coco and also Shetland.  I’ve been wanting to see Coco but getting an animated piece past the boys is tough.  Shetland is a BBC mystery set in the Shetland islands.  My husband is much less of a fan because the accents sometimes lose us.  But that’s okay because I love the atmosphere.

Prehistoric Marine Reptiles.  This is my latest MOOC class. I’m only a week in but I’m really enjoying it.  I took two or three history classes in a row so getting back into  science requires a mild adjustment.

If I feel like it, I may write.  I could also bead and work on the 1960s Singer I’m bringing back into shape.  There are about ten buckets of weeds in the front bed and I will almost certainly walk or row because I just feel better when I row.  But the best part?  I’m not going anywhere for 36 hours.


Because it’s Pajama Day. A day to recharge and renew my energy.