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October 1, 2018

Creating an Invoice

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invoiceNot too long ago, one of my writing friends contacted me.  “Help!  I have to invoice the publisher to get paid.  I don’t even know what an invoice looks like.” 

More and more publishers seem to be requiring writers to invoice in order to get paid.  I do this for all of the books that I write for RedLine.  With some publishers you’ll send to invoices per book – one mid-way through the process and one when you complete it.  Others want only one invoice upon completion.  Either way, what they want is pretty straight forward.

Below is my basic invoice.  I’ll explain the various sections after the sample.


From:   (Name)  
(Street Address)
(City, State and Zip)
(SS #)

To:    (Publisher)  

RE:  (Billing for what?)  Slip the book or article title or the contract number in here.

(Unit)                                                       $(Value)  What exactly did you do?  

Total Payable: $(Total)
Date of Invoice: (Month, Day, Year)

(Repeat of name and address, city, state zip)

Now for some explanation.  

From.  This is obviously your information.  Be sure to include it and be sure it is correct.  You don’t want your check ending up in someone else’s mailbox. 

To.  Who you are billing.  If it is a snail mail/hard copy,  I include the addy.  Normally the e-mail is enough.

RE.  What is this bill for.  Don’t get really specific here.  I include the book or article title.  If I have a contract number that goes here as well. 

UNIT/VALUE. It is important to be as specific as possible about what this bill is for.  When I turn in something to RedLine, the unit line usually reads something like:

Evolution of Mammals Chapter 1, outline, working bibliography.  $XX.XX

If this was for a series of activities, it would have to list them all as well as the pay for each.  That is what I had to do when I submitted a group of activities to Education. com.  So it might say something like this:

Felt Heart activity and Photo                        $25.00

Hoop game and Photo                                    $25.00

Counting activity and 2 Photos                     $30.00

TOTAL                                                                $80.00

Obviously, if the publisher that you are billing has different instructions, follow them!  But if they just ask for an invoice, this will give you something to use as a template.


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