Author Copies: Meth and Steroids

Look what arrived Saturday!  I look strangely happy given the fact that I’m holding up books on Steroids and Meth. But that’s the way of author’s copies.  We get excited.

These may have been among the most difficult books that I’ve researched.  Everyone who is reporting statistics has a bias.

Treatment centers want business.  Use this once and you’re an addict.  Come get treatment.

Law enforcement wants to show how effective they are.  The busts they make are big and the criminals they take off the streets are potentially deadly.

Addicts?  They downplay the negative aspects, report only amazing things when using, and how on earth do you count them?  Very few people are honest about something that can land them in jail.

I learned a lot while researching these books including the role of the drug cartels in domestic drug use.  Yep.  It is cheaper to make drugs in Mexico and bring them into the country often by drone.  Border checkpoints?  Walls?  Who cares if someone has a drone.

For me, the scarier book to research was Steroids in part because I’m the mom of a teen athlete.  Granted, steroids aren’t as big a deal for swimmers as they are for some other athletes but wow.  Google steroids and you are going to find that everyone has an opinion.  It is way too easy for teens to find sites that discuss how safe steroids are to use and how clueless the coaches and doctors are.

I also had to deal with the fact that adults want to think that teens don’t know the difference between a steroidal inhaler and something to help them bulk up.  So I asked.

“No one is tootin’ on an inhaler thinking they’re bulking up, Mom.”

These will never be my favorite books but I do hope that they will help teens find accurate information.


3 thoughts on “Author Copies: Meth and Steroids

  1. Congrats! I did a couple of books on opioid addiction a couple of years back – yikes! Opened my eyes. And I just finished another on doping in sports. It’s endemic but testing is getting more sophisticated than ever.

    1. I had to cover the testing but also the “don’t even try it because you have no clue what you’re putting into your body” angle. People buy these unregulated substances and then inject or ingest them with no clue what they really are.

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