Book Covers: My Dog Books

Take a day off work and spend some time on the internet and look what you find.  Book covers!

These are two of the books that I wrote for RedLine earlier this year. They are part of a new Capstone Press series, Top Hybrid Dogs.

Let me put it simply – these books were a lesson.  Or perhaps I should say that they were a reminder. It has been a really long time since I wrote breed profiles for Young Equestrian.  

But I did write breed profiles.  So certainly I can do this.  No worries.

I pulled it off but, like I said, it was a reminder.

First problem?  These aren’t breeds, but hybrids.  To be a breed, Puggles have to be bred from other Puggles, not a beagle and a pug. Labradoodle parents have to produce pups that are consistently Labradoodle in appearance but that’s tricky because their coats can look like lab’s, poodle’s or Labradoodle’s.

So, not breeds. Check.

But a lot of people don’t seem to get that.  After all, they have a name for these dogs.  And if you can register your Labradoodle or Puggle in a hybrid registry, that makes it a breed, right?

Let’s just say that I had forgotten how tricky it was to pick out the accurate horse information.  It wasn’t any easier with dogs.

But it was fun.  Apparently, so was the photo research judging by the note I got from my editor.  Young readers?  If they love dogs, they are going to love these books.  And the problems I had writing them?  It will have been worth the effort knowing that our readers are getting fact.



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