Recharging: Spending the Day in Your PJs

Yesterday I met a major deadline.  I did a hard-copy edit of all 1300 words and then made the changes in my document.  I am, as they say, toast.  My sense of humor is shot.  I can sit and stare at the wall for 20 minutes but can’t concentrate on anything important for 5.

So today is going to be Pajama Day.  The rules are simple.  I can do whatever I want but I have to do it in my pajamas. OK, I’ll be honest.  I don’t do it in my pajamas any more.  My son is 19 and his friends all drive.  If I try to spend the day in my PJs, especially the Friday before classes start, I will end up with a living room full of teenage boys.  So I do it in yoga pants and a tank top.  As my mother would have said, you’re dressed but you’re not dressed. 

Pajama day is for doing whatever I want.  I’m a serious introvert so mostly that means no running errands.  That’s why the pajamas are important.  The possibilities for today include:

Beading.  I’m still working on that necklace.

Crochet.  I have a bear and a llama in progress.  And I might need to make another bat.

Reading.  I’m almost done with Kate Messner’s Breakout.  Loving it!

Audio books.  I’m listening to A Murder of Magpies by Judith Flanders.  I have three other audiobooks.

Sewing Machine Repair.  That sounds more serious than it is.  I have a 1960s Singer in need of a new belt. I have the belt now I just need to get it on the machine so I can see if the machine works. Than it will get  in the queue for cleaning.

Magic Class.  I took a Coursera class on Magic in the Middle Ages.  There are a host of optional videos (20?) that I want to watch.

Writing.  I know, I said no working.  But I might write a chapter on my mystery.  In my mind, it is fun writing because it’s fiction.

Walking or rowing.  I feel better when I move and the last three days have seen really serious desk time. So I can fiddle about with this while watching videos and listening to audio books.  Not a lot but about 200 calories worth.

I always enjoy pajama days.  I come out of them feeling recharge and ready to go.  And that’s what I need because I have another book under contract.  But today beading, reading and whatever.