Writer vs Reader

Me being patient.

This isn’t a post about difficult readers but about advance sales.  As a writer, I understand them.  The publisher wants to get word out and get people excited.  They want orders already coming in when the book comes out.

I get that.

As a writer.

As a reader?  Not so much.  This morning, someone tweeted an image about a new Gaiman book.  New Gaiman?  Woo-hoo.  I popped over to my library and keyed in the title – Art Matters.  Nothing.  I didn’t even know who the publisher was so next I popped over to Amazon.  Oh, look.  There it is.  It comes out in . . .

November.  3 months and 5 days from today.

Sigh.  The cover art isn’t even up yet.

As a writer, I understand advanced sales and hype.  As a reader?  As a reader I’m not nearly so patient.  It isn’t  that I must have the book right this very second.  I’m a reasonable person.  I could wait for the 10 days or so it would take to get it from my local indie.

But 3 months and 5 days?  You might as well tell me to wait until Christmas.  This is what I get for taking a break and going on Twitter when I should be working on my final rewrite.