Recharging: Especially Important When A Job Is Stressful

Every now and again I get an assignment that is a bit more stressful than normal.  Sometimes, like with the Ziki Virus book, I’m wading through science in an area that is less familiar and I’m having to learn some of the basics along with the specialized material.  The topic interests me but it is still a lot of work.

Other times it is because I’m working on something brand new, as in they haven’t done a book like this before and my editor and I are figuring it out together.  I love working with her and I know the book will show her talent and skill.  But it is still stressful.

At times like this I know I need to recharge.

One friend does this through gardening.  Hmm. No. I’m more of a black thumb than a green thumb.

Another friend goes on long hikes.  Walks would be more my style.

Me?  I tend to do hand work.  In fact, very few months a group of friends and I get together to make.  We all our evenings Wool Gatherings, named by my husband.  I’ve been doing a lot of crochet like this little bat.  But at the last Wool Gathering a friend taught us to make a net pattern with beads.

And don’t you know that it is in the middle of this stressful project that my beads arrived? I almost told myself, no.  Can’t even open them until this book is drafted.  But then I remembered my tendency to push myself too hard and forget to recharge.  So after I finished my goal for Wednesday, I opened up those beads.

Gardening.  Crafting.  Cooking. Dance. Yoga.  No matter how you do it.  Just make sure you recharge.