Getting to Do Unexpected Research

Things do not always go as planned.  I knew that I would be out-of-town for three days last week.   So I wrote the posts for last week but surely I would get some more done.  If nothing else I would do it when I got home Saturday evening.

Bwa-ha-ha.  A storm rolled through as we were driving home.  We drove through rain. Not too bad.  And then this greeted us as we entered the neighborhood.  Winds and rain that tip trees mean no electricity.  So, we came home, showered, drove far enough out to eat dinner someplace with electricity and then came home.

But going out to eat meant getting dressed.  Is my shirt inside out?  Frontward?  These shoes match.  Don’t they?  I went with sandals since I only have two pair and they are easy to tell apart.  So we ate and then came home to play games together.

First we tried to play a game with different colored tiles by lamp light.  Not regular lamps.  Kerosene.  When you read that you cannot perceive colors in the dark, believe it.  We could tell which ones were yellow but green, blue and red?  Sometimes red was discernible but green and blue were interchangeable.

So we switched to cards.  We played one game of kings in the corners and then garbage.  Then everyone else gave up and I shifted the lamp and played solitaire.  Even that only lasted about 30 minutes.  There is a reason that historic cards are big and boring.  That white background is 100% essential when it comes to telling what is what.

When your character has to carry on and do something in the dark, remember how hard it is to see.  Colors are iffy although you can tell light colors (white and yellow) from dark (red, blue and green).  Detail?  There is no such thing although you can tell a black cat from the shadows.  It helps that she’s meowing like mad because she doesn’t want you to step on her but seriously.  Darkness is a lot trickier than I had thought!