Highlights: Changes in the magazine’s submissions policy

For the first time that I can remember, Highlights magazine is closed to submissions.  But don’t panic!  This closure is not permanent.  They have simply closed from 6/16/18 to 9/16/18.  During this time they are reading anything received before they closed their doors.  They should be done reading and reached a decision on all manuscripts in process by 8/31/2018.

When they re-open after this reading period, they will only be taking manuscripts on very specific current needs.  You will be able to see what they want here on Submittables.

If you submit anything to Highlights before they re-open, ,your work will be returned unread.

If you have something ready to submit to Hello Magazine, the Highlights family magazine for ages 1-2, or High Five Magazine, these two publications are taking submissions.  But be sure to check out their Submittables pages as well.

I’m curious to see specifically Highlights will be looking for when they reopen.