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June 11, 2018

Mentorships: A Great Opportunity to Learn and Grow as a Writer

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In a writing mentorship, a less experienced writer gets to work, often one-on-one, with a more experienced writer.  It is an opportunity to get personalized feedback from someone who has come to know your writing.  That’s so important because they know what your weaknesses are and can offer advice tailored to overcoming these issues. Critique, advice, reading and more are part of this type of relationship.

Often these types of relationships are informal.  I learned a lot from Pat McKissack who taught the class I took on writing for children.  Over the years, I could count on her for advice and a gentle nudge whenever I got discouraged.

The Kansas/Missouri Region of the SCBWI has a mentorship opportunity for writers.  The mentor for the upcoming year is young adult author Cynthia Leitich Smith.  Cynthia is the New York Times best-selling author of the award-winning Feral series and Tantalize series. Both adventure-fantasies were published by Candlewick Press in the U.S., Walker Books in the U.K. and Australia/New Zealand, and additional publishers around the globe.  In the fall of 2018, she has another contemporary YA coming out – Hearts Unbroken also from Candlewick. I’m eager to see this one because the protagonist is Native American and Cynthia hasn’t had a book with such a main character since 2002.

Cynthia has also published picture books, short stories, nonfiction essays, and poetry for young readers. I’ll leave you too look that up on her website because the mentorship this year focuses on young adult. To be eligible, you must be a SCBWI member living in the KS-MO region who has not yet published YA.  Applications must be turned in by the end of the month and include 10 pages of a manuscript and a synopsis.

This is program is free and I would strongly encourage any and all who are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity.  You can find out the details here.



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