Writing: Weed Things out to Make Time

The 5 Minutes a Day posts that I’ve been putting up most Fridays are all about fitting writing into your day.  You don’t need huge blocks of time to get something done.

But you do need time.  And that can mean reevaluating your schedule and either cutting back or letting some things go.

January and February were great months.  We went to the Art Museum and a hockey game and a new-to-me bookstore.  March and April were full of deadlines.  That’s good because this is how I make my living.  But I’m coming into mid-May really stressed and taking people’s heads off.  So far, I’ve only done it figuratively but to keep it from becoming a reality I’m having to reevaluate my schedule.  Here are some of the decisions that I’ve made.

Yoga stays.  Two mornings a week, I go to yoga class.  I do not miss yoga for work.  I try to avoid missing yoga for family.  Selfish?  I’ve been told that it is but yoga helps keep my back healthy.  So, selfish or not, it stays.

But I am cutting back on some of my volunteer gigs.  One of them was a choir commitment for a church government function in 5 weeks.  Ten pieces of music and 7 rehearsals in five weeks.  Hmm.  Suddenly music went from fun to . . . what?

I’ll also be spending less time on social media which will mean fewer baby animals and inspirational quotes.

Even when you write full-time, you sometimes have to look at your time and thing what is joy-filled and what is weighing me down?  What am I eager to do every day (or every week) and what is no longer fun?

Full time writer, part-time writer, occasional writer.  It doesn’t matter how you work it into your schedule.  What matters is that you do work it in.  Weed out some of what you no longer enjoy.  Then you can fill that time and space with something you really want to do.

Hopefully, that will be writing.