Norton Young Readers

nortonIt is always exciting when a new imprint opens its doors.  W. W. Norton is adding an imprint specializing in young people’s books.  The publishing director of Norton Young Readers will be Simon Boughton, formerly Senior Vice-President and Publishing Director, Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group.

Boughton told PW, “Norton is a company that I have long admired. They occupy a special place in the industry, and it seemed to me that their strengths and identity as a publisher of adult trade books would transfer very nicely to a program for younger readers. They’re strong in adult trade and in college, and to some extent high school, so it seemed natural to me that those strengths would also help to shepherd new readers in.” Boughton added, “There’s always opportunity for fresh publishing, for a new program. Norton is a very editorially driven company. I’m excited about the authors, the plan to put nonfiction at the center, and I’m excited to be working at a company that I think can have a powerful voice [in children’s literature].”

The launch date has yet to be set and the inaugural list is still being developed.  When asked what they will publish, Boughton emphasized that one of Norton’s strengths is nonfiction.  He will be looking for both new and established authors with strong voices and fresh ways of thinking.

I have to admit that I’m a little excited about this.  While there are many amazing books already on the market, Norton has a reputation for quality.  Norton has printed the occasional book just for young readers.  So many of us who are writing today read from their anthologies and readers and paged through books of folk tales.  And of course there were my college text books in anthropology and history. I for one am eager to see what they bring into print.

See W. W. Norton’s press release here and click through here to read a much longer article in PW.


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