Earth Day and STEM

Trilobite and ammonite

Yesterday was Earth Day so it seems especially timely that the two books I am writing for ABDO are science related as is the one I’m revising for Millbrook (animal coloration) and the one I’ll be workshoping at the retreat (geology and caves).   I’ve done some writing about conservation and recycling but lately I seem to be focusing on other science topics.

Everyone locally is super enthusiastic about our school district’s new gifted academy which is a separate facility that focuses on STEM.

mastadon tooth and piece of a turtle shell fossil

Kids love science.  They love measuring and mixing.  They love chemical reactions in the form of cooking.  Animal observations, dinosaurs, fossils and sprouting seeds.  They’re all great when your four.  But somewhere along the line, many of us decide that science bores us.  Somewhere we forget that we love dinosaurs and rocks and chemical reactions.

Some adults love science too. These were all taken in our family room. From preschool when my grandad gave me a geology specimen bag to today, I just keep on geeking along. And if I have my way, I’ll be warping a few young minds into continuing their love of science as well.




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