5 Minutes a Day: When It Looks Like Someone Ransacked Your House

I’m not houseproud but when someone who has never been here before stops by, I don’t want it to look like enemy agents were looking for the code key which, at the moment, is pretty much how it looks. Unfortunately, my son’s engineering study group is meeting here on Saturday afternoon.

But I have a book due a week from today with two more chapters to draft as well as the back matter.  So I can’t stop writing, but I’ve been using the Pomodoro technique – 25 minutes of work followed by a five-minute break.  Even a busy writer can have a non-terrifying house by doing five minutes spot cleanings.

Here are 15 tasks you can complete in five minutes.

  1. Clean the sink and toilet.
  2. Pull the shower curtain closed and clean the bathroom floor.
  3. Pick up in the entry way.
  4. Pick up in the living room. This one requires having other people clean up their stuff.  If they say no…
  5. Box up other people’s living room clutter.
  6. Write the ransom notes for the clutter you have commandeered.  No, I’m serious.
  7. Box up the dining room table clutter.  We are packing up my dad’s house.  Things that have migrated have nested on my dining room table.  It’s going to have to move so time to box it up to go through after my deadline.
  8. Dust mop the living and dining rooms.
  9. Pick up in the kitchen.
  10. Pick up in the kitchen again.
  11. Clean kitchen table.
  12. Sweep kitchen floor.
  13. Mop kitchen floor.
  14. Pick up in family room.
  15. Vacuum family room.  We have very little carpet.  5 minutes will do it.

No the house won’t be spotless but in my experience dust offends me more than it does most other people.  So that will just have to wait. But this plan will get the public areas clean by Saturday afternoon.  Five minute spot cleanings will help you meet your deadline without your house looking like a crime scene.